The Evolution & Benefits of Data Capturing Tools in Clinical Studies

July 26, 2022
The Evolution & Benefits of Data Capturing Tools in Clinical Studies

The clinical trial space is quite different than it looked a few years ago. One of the key aspects that’s top of this rapidly evolving field is proper data management. 

Today, we prefer electronic data capture tools over paper-based data collection. The introduction and use of these EDC Clinical Trials Tools have resulted in higher efficiency in terms of turn-around time as well as quality, traceability, and integrity of all the data collected during the clinical studies. That’s why Data Management in Clinical Trials is the most crucial aspect that has evolved most dramatically in recent years.

How Data Capturing Tools Evolved in the Clinical Trial Arena?

Clinical trial data has started to focus more on the patient and a little bit further toward the site being the primary point of collection of that data. Moreover, the volume of data has also grown partially as to get patient data to be more meaningful, it’s important to have it fetched from different approaches used in clinical assessments.

Now the data we receive from EDC Clinical Trials systems includes potentially having a patient response and some other modality of assessment to verify the authenticity of that data. With the evolution of electronic data capture technology, we can now collect data even from smart wearables, e-consent, e-pros, and also the patients’ electronic medical records.

Patients can now use more secure technology to access their medical data and collect it from a pool of data versus a transcription of data. 

Also, over the past several years we’ve seen greater democratization of data. We’re also seeing an evolution where leveraging existing real-world data can complement the EDC clinical trials data that we’re collecting and provide even more insights into the safety and effectiveness of drugs in a real-world setting.

To gain a better understanding of how data capture solutions in the clinical trial sector have evolved, let’s hop into the major advantages they’re bringing to streamline the process of clinical research.

5 Awesome Benefits of Using EDC Clinical Trials 

1. High-end Security

Collecting and managing clinical trial data in an electronic data capture system is usually cloud-based to provide users with highly secure access and control from anywhere. When data used to be collected manually and on paper, the chances of data being lost and destroyed were higher as there were not many backup or recovery options.

2. EDC Clinical Trials Quality

Electronic data capture tools will have standard built-in checks like the dates or the age or gender of the patient being entered in the right format. An EDC system will also perform automated data quality checks and instantly flag any errors or data anomalies to ensure the data collected from such tools is purely ready-to-use further. 

Before electronic data capture, such checks used to be done manually. Hence, the chances of human errors were more compared to today. Automated checks by the EDC clinical trials systems can save you a considerable amount of time and effort.

3. Traceability

An EDC system must be efficient to trace any latest changes in the data or study designs and be able to automatically store the audit trials to access in the future.

4. Accessibility

EDC systems provide quicker access to data. That means as soon as you enter the data into the system, all users will be able to access this. A principal investigator (PI) can sign off the data whereas a CRA can review it remotely, a data manager can easily approve the data, and the sponsor or CRO can track the progress of the clinical research. 

5. Data Accuracy

Using an electronic data capture system will help you in accessing real-time data while performing consistency checks. These systems will perform automatic calculations to help you with better data management and maintaining quality performance.

4 Additional Benefits of Cloudester’s ECTMS

Electronic data capture systems are meant to be flexible and adaptable to keep up with the ever-changing demands of modern clinical trials. To accomplish this, they need to be able to integrate with other systems and exchange information. 

Cloudester, a custom software development partner offering complex healthcare software solutions has come up with outstanding Electronic data capture solutions for healthcare organizations, pharma companies, research institutes, and CROs to streamline the hassles of data collection while performing clinical studies.

Our data capturing tool elicits all functional, operational, legal, and user-centric requirements of our clients and analyzes all potential risks and challenges of the software development to develop a risk mitigation action plan. Here are more benefits of our EDC Clinical Trials tools.

1. Clinical Operations

  • Real-time access to data reports for smarter decisions
  • Highly transparent
  • Inspection-ready data 
  • 100% Compliant
  • Multi-users access to data at once
  • Role rights access to data for each user.

2. IT

  • Easy to configure and upgrade
  • Comprehensive auditable data
  • Faster deployment 
  • Easy setup 
  • Fast device integration
  • High-end data validation.

3. Data Management

  • Role-based access to data
  • Easy capture and management of data with custom listing and groupings
  • Faster operations
  • Dynamic reports.

4. Real-time Authentication

  • Fingerprint verification 
  • Data recording and updates authentication
  • Sensitive data handling
  • Deeper authentication to access the data.

Getting Ready to Choose an Electronic Data Capture Tool for Your Next Clinical Trial? 

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We have used an iterative approach merged with cloud-native architecture and proven third-party components with Public APIs in developing the CTMS that can automate the entire process while reducing the time, cost, and effort.

We have a skilled team of healthcare software developers and quality control analysts that put their earnest efforts to match your specific requirements and ensure on-time delivery. 

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